If the holidays already have you saying...

Headband: Urban Outfitters | Lipstick: Mary Kay
...then here's what I propose that you do:

1. Sleep in, or at least hit the "snooze" button once.

Left photo: dmjuice.com

Enjoy a holiday flavored cup o' Joe (I'm a fan of Toffee Nut lattes from Starbucks. Mmmm!)

3. Go for an endorphin boosting jog with upbeat music. 

4. Take a bubble bath - I usually opt for a hot bath with my favorite Chicago based bath products from H20 Plus! The Sea Amber line is great and the body scrub is one of my faves. It leaves my skin softer and smoother than anything else I've tried...in love!


5. Play some soothing music in the background. Here's a playlist I created on Grooveshark.com.

6. Hop on over to Eleventh Hour Salon for some pampering...I choose facials that help my skin and release all tension. For a full look into my experience there, click here!

Photo from spa-therapy.net

There you have it folks, my official guide to unwind. Now after all is said and done, try to remember the reason for the season and enjoy your loved ones!

Happy holidays!

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  1. These are great suggestions. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Pearls and Peacocks


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