WHAT is Fashionlingual all about?!?

Fashionlingual is a corner of the blogosphere where I post about the things that I love and find inspiring; fashion and everything having to do with it (trends, events, DIY projects, travel, shopping, beauty and life style).

I'm Puerto Rican and from Chicago but life surprisingly sent me off to Madrid, Spain, for five years. It's there where I learned about European fashion and killer street style, but also where I developed a great respect for travel.

During my time abroad, I compiled an English-Spanish dictionary with fashion and beauty terms for fashionistas who find themselves in a Spanish speaking country or on a Spanish language Website. 

While there, I lived a double life as an English teacher and a fashion communications student. Now that I've returned Stateside, I've decided to continue sharing my journey through posts that show my inner workings and personal style. I appreciate your visit and hope that you enjoy reading!

To learn more about Fashionlingual's beginnings, read my first blog entry here.

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  1. Great find! Thanks for stopping by my blog! <3

    1. ¡De nada guapa! Thanks for visiting. We really should meet up sometime soon.


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