Photo courtesy of Eleventh Hour Salon

Before the Thanksgiving grub fest, I posted about how I like to rid myself of stress before the holidays. Now that Christmas is right around the corner, I think it's time that we pick up where we left off. Facials! 

Facials are one of my favorite ways to unwind, so it was a godsend to cross paths with the Eleventh Hour Salon when I did. Upon arrival to their newly opened West Loop location at 210 N. Halsted, I was warmly greeted with friendly smiles and a tall glass of wine. (They really know how to treat a gal!)

Between sips, I filled out a skin survey that the skin care specialist, Lydia Zajac, used to personalize the treatment just for me. While snugly wrapped in fluffy towels, the esthetician clearly explained her treatment plan for my skin. She recommended The Oxygen facial for my dull, parched winter skin and I gladly consented. 

Photo courtesy of Eleventh Hour Salon

Under dimmed lights her hands masterfully massaged every contour of my face for over an hour. Although Lydia shared the benefits of the carefully selected product that she applied to my face, I could barely keep track as I found myself being lulled to sleep by the soothing treatment. 

Right photo courtesy of Eleventh Hour Salon

Feeling fresh faced after my hydrating facial, she recommended that I forgo applying make-up for the rest of the day to allow my face to receive the full benefits of the treatment. 

Lydia offers $50 facials and $35 Brazilians every Thursday! Call (312) 286-9001 to make your appointment stat.

The salon offers a myriad of different beauty services. I know I'll be back soon. Check them out!

Fashionlingual Review: ★★★/☆☆☆
☆ = friendliness
☆ = satisfaction
☆ = service(s)

Still searching for the perfect Christmas gift? Look no further. Stop by the Eleventh Hour Salon and get your special someone (or yourself) a beauty date! 

Get a 40% discount on your next visit by showing them that you follow both my Facebook/Instagram and their Facebook/Instagram pages! (Oh heeeey!)

Disclaimer: The blog received services for review, but the comments and opinions are my own.

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