Blue Jeans in Biarritz

I recently came across this photo from a road trip taken with friends to southern France. The trip was one of those epic experiences that marks a time of youth and adventure to remember for years. 


While reminiscing about the strolls along the beach and sugary confections, I took a harder look at the at the images. Yes, the beach was indeed breathtaking, but WHAT had happened to those jeans? After turning my closet upside down, I realized that those ripped jeans were long gone.

Ripped jeans are such an on-trend piece. You can find distressed denim -in all different stages of destruction- scrawled across Pinterest and street style posts. My well-traveled and frayed denim would have been perfect to pair with this season's It pieces. To make up for the loss (without having to replace them with a $100 pair from Topshop), I decided to recreate the look myself with a DIY project. 

How hard can ripping up jeans really be? To play it safe, I tried it out with an old pair of Forever 21 skinnies.

My tools: sharp scissors, white eyelinersand paper (or a nail file) and tweezers.  

First I wore the jeans for a few hours to get a true fit before cutting.


Next, I marked the jeans with a white eyeliner where I wanted to make the cuts. If you have chalk handy, I would recommend it over the eyeliner since it can be removed from the denim without washing. I made the marks right above my knees to create the illusion of longer legs.


I cut along the white lines.


After making my three cuts, I used sandpaper to fray the tops and bottoms of my cuts.

To loosen some of the unravelled denim, I used tweezers to pull gently and further exaggerate the distress around the knees.

To ensure that the slits look worn, I threw the jeans into the washer and dryer.

Jeans: Forever 21 | Heels: Jessica Simpson | Jewelry: Rocksbox | Eyeliner: Sephora

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  1. I've totally done this to my son's jeans. They no longer fit him, so I recycled and reused them for my daughter. Fun project. And she gets some cool funky jeans!!


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