Back in August I dedicated a post to American in Paris blogger papierdenorma's haircut. Since then, I've been contemplating my own "hair transformation." I went to the Bumble&Bumble salon in downtown New York and bid adieu to my long locks.  

After a thoughtful consultation with the hair dresser about my desired look, she expertly snipped away. Here's how it turned out!


Straight, messy waves or curls, I'm totally diggin' my short hair.

Cut your hair recently? If so, share your look and story with Fashionlingual!

You check this post out in Spanish by clicking here.


  1. Thank you SOOO much inglesita for your sweet feedback!


  2. Your short looks are SO FRESH! Sometimes I find that I cut my hair to "let go" and start new... it's always an ebb and flow. I'm on a growing it out phase now ;)

    1. I'm of the same thinking. Experimenting with your look can be so GO girl! Thanks for stopping by :)


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