So lately I've been polishing my nails pretty late at night. After freshening up my talons, I frequently undergo battle with my heavy eyelids during the drying process. Despite ALL of that fighting, I wake up most mornings with crinkled or smudged nailpolish. 
#FML #UtterlyIrked

To help ease my at home manicuring woes, my friend sent over some Jamberry nail wrap samples.

Jamberry nail wraps are sheets of colored and printed vinyl strips that adhere to nails with a little bit of heat. I loved the prints and decided to do a test run on one fingernail.

I'm all about feminine florals against dark backgrounds, so I naturally opted for the floral/polka dotted wrap. 

 To start, I polished my nails a classic shade of red.

 I removed the wrap from the plastic film, just like you would a sticker.

I cut the wrap in half in order to stamp the nail art on both hands.

I blasted the back of the wrap with hot air from a blow dryer and then applied it carefully to my nail. 

NOTE: This was the step that taught me the importance of size and fit. Since I was determined to wear the floral wrap on my ring finger, I overlooked that it was a hair too small. I later tried to mask the gaps with the excess nail wrap. Tim Gunn would be proud that in the midst of a potential DIY disaster, I "made it work."

To remove the excess strip from the tips of my nails, I filed them away.

I have to admit that the application of the Jamberry strips was quicker (and less painful) than my normal DIY manicure routine. I'm told that if applied properly, these vinyl strips can outlive any normal manicure. That does it, I'm trading in my nail polish for some full sheets of these nail wraps.

The tough part will be choosing a set among the multiple pages of choices.

To check out the options for yourself, click here. Check out the consultant who introduced me to Jamberry.

Click here to read this post in Spanish.

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