Back in 2008 -as I sat in a dark movie theater watching the Coco Before Chanel movie- I was struck by the scene when she cut her hair and uttered the above cited quote.

Maybe that quote stuck with me then because I was a young woman on the brink of change...I had just moved from Chicago to Madrid. But isn't it a little true? A drastic physical change CAN really reflect a great transition. 

When it comes to hair, women can get pretty funny. Sure, there are the few courageous chicas out there who are unfazed by a major chop, but I think it's safe to say that many of us are pretty attached to our locks. Heck, I know more than a handful who even grow anxious over routine hair trims. 

Here's my beautiful friend Norma from the blog, Papier de Norma. Norma has a lovely mane. For years, I've tried to convince her to change her do. Her reply has always been a resounding, "NO." In September, Norma moved to Paris. And guess what she just decided to do...CUT her hair!

Here are some of her hair cutting (and Parisian) snapshots.

Photos courtesy of Norma

I don't know guys, I think her experience might be the catalyst to my own hair transformation. But then again, I should ask, will that hair cut change my life?!?

Click here to read this post in Spanish.


  1. Her cut came out so beautiful! I hope you will post about your own cut now that you are feeling inspired. I recently chopped off over 13 inches to donate to a charity for women battling cancer and I couldn't be happier. I was ready for a big change and the hair went to a great cause, a total win/win in my book. If you have enough to donate please consider doing it!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your compelling story! I am definitely going to look into whether my hair can be donated (due to it being color-treated and such). What organization do you recommend donating to? I've donated in the past to Locks of Love.

      Have a blessed day!



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