Hot rollers are great for quickly adding some curl and volume to your hair. I've been asked many times how I curl my hair with hot rollers, so I've decided to create my first video post to give step-by-step instructions for at-home results

1. Start with clean hair and make sure that it has fully dried.

2. Allow curlers to heat.

3. Choose roller size. (The width of the roller will determine the curl size.)

4. Part hair in sections and roll hair up from the ends before securing. (Larger sections of hair in a roller create a less defined curl or looser waves.)

5. Allow time for rollers to set. (The longer they are in, the tighter the curl.)

6. Remove rollers.

7. Separate curls to give them a more natural look. (I usually opt to tousle curls with my fingers.)

8. If curls are tighter than desired, allow time for curls to relax to desired curl or wave before spraying with hairspray.

Rolling technique improves with practice (so don't get frustrated). 

You can find rollers at most superstores (i.e. Target), beauty supply stores and department stores. I bought the Remington set used in the video from Wal-mart for under $20

While living abroad in Spain, I found it harder to get an inexpensive set. I ended up purchasing a Babyliss set from el Corte Ingl├ęs for about 60€, similar here.

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