They say that a fragrance line is a marker of a brand's success, an all around sign that the company has made it. But, what do they say about having your own set of emojis? Fashion designer and all-around fashion genius, Karl Lagerfeld has not only unveiled his own perfume but also his own emoticon app.

He never ceases to amaze us with his multi-tasking prowess. He holds the titles of creative director of the French fashion label Chanel, the Italian fashion brand Fendi as well as his own label, among juggling other projects.

He's mastered the art of reinventing brands, and now it seems that he's also taken to refreshing our texting language. His FREE app offers 30 chic symbols that reflect his brand philosophy and promise to upgrade those emoji-induced smiles.


I've already elevated my text lexicon with this first Karlfied text message!

Decoded message: I love KL's new app! What a great idea. 
My favorite KL emojis are the Lagerfeld profile silhouette and the gloved thumbs up! Check out the EmotiKarl app and tell me which is your favorite. 

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