A space can really affect my mood and I think it's time for a bedroom revamping. My bedroom decor is outdated and doesn't re-energize me, so I have turned to Pinterest for some decor inspiration.

Let's start off by comparing some color palettes. 
I'm partial to turquoise, white and gray. I snapped the photo on the left of an Anthropologie store display to keep as a reminder of an unexpected color combo.


Desk space that can multi-task
I need a nice work area to be productive and stay organized. I would like a small work space that can double as a vanity. Here are some great ideas!


I'm really loving that yellow...hmm, I might need to reconsider the color palette.

Let's look at some bedding.


Closet organization ideas.
Swapping regular closet doors for French doors is a great way to put my shoe collection on display.


I've got a lot to think about, but I have a better idea of where to start. I'll be following up with you soon!

Photos are from pins that were taken from my Pinterest account.

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