Fashionlingual was born years ago from a great admiration for fashion inspired by European street style. That concept was further developed through a college project until finally becoming a part of the blogosphere today.

Where did the name come from? I’ve lived in Spain for the past five years, and as an American in Madrid I wanted to combine my passion for fashion with my bilingual experiences. So, do you get it? Fashion fanatic + bilingual gal = Fashionlingual!

What is Fashionlingual about? A bunch of different ideas about how to focus the blog passed through my mind and caused me to ask myself, what is fashion?

For some, “fashion” is only about ever-changing beauty and clothing styles found on glossy magazine pages like Vogue, but I think that it goes above and beyond shopping and trips to the salon. For me, fashion also represents different facets of culture (like art and history) and it has the power to transmit different ideas and ways of thinking.

I will keep that quote in mind as I update blog posts about trends, shopping, art, fashion events, beauty, travel, photography and lifestyle.

With that variety of content and an English-Spanish dictionary that I’ve compiled over the years, “Fashionlingual” attempts to set itself apart from the hundreds of other similar spaces on the Web.

I hope that we can share and converse about fashion experiences together.

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  1. I can't wait to read your blog! I'm an aspiring fashion buyer/blogger. I'm so excited about this adventure.


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