Saturday is usually laundry day for me. It's also my clean-the-house day and run-all-kinds-of-errands day...when all I wanna do is sleep in and have brunch.

Adulting can be rough, so I thought today's shoot lightened that mood. I mean, why can't I go to the laundromat in heels and a fringed leather skirt?! #NotExtraAtAll 😜
El sábado típicamente es el día en que lavo la ropa. También es el día para limpiar la casa pero prefiero dormir más e ir a bronchear.

Ser adulto no es fácil, por eso pensé que esta sesión de fotos aliviaba un poco ese estrés. Y vamos a ver, ¡¿por qué no puedo ir a la lavandería en tacones y una falda de flecos?!

I'm wearing --> Top: LeTote | Skirt: Nordstrom Rack | Heels: Max Studio | Earrings: LeTote | Lips: NYX | Clutch: Parfois 


Photography by Adriana Martinez @lananamendez


  1. You look MUCH better than me when I go to the laundromat. 🤣 I'm usually in sweatpants with a t-shirt and my hair in a messy bun. It gets so hot in there I don't even bother looking nice. Haha. You look beautiful though and I love that skirt!

    xo, Sarah
    Hustla, baby.

  2. Haha, thanks sweetie, you're such a babe...but I'm usually in joggers and a messy bun too when I'm running errands. Thanks for stopping by and leaving some love :)



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