Sun's out, gun's out...well, let's not get carried away. The sun IS out on this beautiful Sunday, but the guns (and the buns) are NOT.

It's sadly still too cold here in Chicago for warm weather clothes. And although that's our current Midwest reality, I'm taking advantage of a rain-free Spring day to walk over to see friends in Logan Square.
Sun's out, gun's out. No encuentro una traducción que capte bien el sentido, pero significa que cuando salga el sol, también salen los músculos al llevar mangas cortas.

Desafortunadamente todavía no estamos para mangas cortas por Chicago, pero sí está soleado así que aprovecho para quedar con amigos por el barrio de Logan Square.

EN These Reegan shoes are perfect for the walk. They're comfy and super cute.

I was actually very surprised to find these classic oxfords on the Cat Footwear Website. Before visiting their site, I thought Cat Footwear only made steel-toed work boots.

But after spying these cute shoes (and the rest of their newest men's and women's collection), I'm definitely changing how I think about them.

Check them out for yourself. In the meantime, I'm gonna go grab a bite with friends. Happy Sunday!
ES Estos zapatos Reegan son perfectos para dar ese paseo. Son cómodos y súper monos.

La verdad es que me sorprendió encontrar estos zapatos en la pagina de Cat Footwear. Antes de pasar por su pagina, pensaba que Cat Footwear solo hacía botas para trabajar.

Después de encontrar estos zapatos estilo oxford (y la colección más nueva de hombres y mujeres), ahora estoy cambiando como los veo.

Podéis verlo por sí mismo. Mientras tanto, voy a ver a mis amigos para picar algo. ¡Feliz domingo!

I'm wearing --> Shoes c/o: Cat Footwear | Jeans: Forever 21 | Bandana: Family Dollar | Jacket: HM | Tee: Forever 21 | Sunnies: Le Specs | Bag c/o: Lo & Sons | Belt: Zara

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Photos taken by Abril Ponce @tcolorpalette


  1. Love the outfit! The shoes are great, wonder if they have them here in Madrid?

    1. I'm not sure if they do. I'll check for you. If they don't, I can bring your pair when I visit in Sept. <3

  2. I didn't know CAT had shoes either. I used to wear that brand of boots to work, when I use to work in the field

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