Casual Luxe

Overalls aren't just for carpenters and farmers anymore. They can be transformed into a casual luxe look. By that, I mean that despite the laid-back feel of overalls, they can be upgraded with great styling to create outfits that look runway worthy. I haven't myself worn a pair since my Oshkosh B'gosh days, but the following looks are gonna change that.

Overall Glam

Stilettos, oversized designer sunnies and graphic clutches have chic written all over them. When paired with these pieces, overalls no longer look appropriate for manual labor.

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Casual Overalls

Sport luxe and athleisure are big right now. It's all about incorporating athletic inspired garments and accessories into a look to give it that sporty twist. These espadrille-trainers and round sunglasses ooze a sense of uncontrived cool. The cropped tee allows a flash of side skin, which is sexy. This outfit may be sporty, but no one will confuse it for being boyish.

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Sweet Short Overalls

Shorten the hem of those overalls and let the sun bronze your stems. Tops with ruffles or sheer panels add softness to overalls and give them a femenine/delicate feel.

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Polished Overalls

These overalls are black and have some pleating around the waist, lending to a more tailored fit & look. To add even more polish, add some girly and refined accents to make this look positively prim & proper.

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How would you style 'em?

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  1. I love this post! I have been afraid to try the overall trend but am definitely going to give it a shot after your advice!


    1. Hi Jessica! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I have so much fun playing around with trendy pieces and making them work in outfits for different styles. I hope I get to see your look when you try it out!



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