My May beauty product picks will have the gents saying, "Ooh la la!"

1. Hourglass Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint in Nude
This foundation is actually a tinted moisturizer! My skin is chronically dry so I had to give this a go. Although the product is a little heavier than I expected for a tinted moisturizer, I love the coverage and finish. Finding the right color can be problematic, even with the help of make-up professionals, but the product line offers lots of colors to find the perfect match.

2. Sephora Collection Pro Full Coverage Airbrush #53
For years I've used a flat brush to apply my foundation, which at times left behind a streaky finish. This brush on the other hand lends to a smoother and more natural-looking finish. I lo-lo-lo-LOVE this brush, it's been a total game changer!

3. Clinique High Impact Mascara
I use this stuff on the daily because of the natural-looking volume. I like how I've had NO issues with clumping or flaking, but I should have opted for the waterproof version. I can't seem to leave my eyes alone and always manage to smudge the mascara at some point during the day. Doh!

4. Aveda Petal Essence Eye Definer in Tidepool
The turquois color adds some fun to my eye color routine of dark neutrals. It glides on super smooth and makes my eyes pop. To make for an edgy look, I've been lining the top of my eyes with black liquid liner (a la cat eye) and then smudging this product on the lower lash line.

5. Clinique Cheek Pop in Berry Pop
The flower impression in the blush is what initially caught my eye. (I'm a sucker for cute details!) I like how the romantic rosy hue warms up my face.

6. Urban Decay Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette
These colors glide on super smooth and are easy to blend! The richly pigmented eyeshadows are a great palette of 5 natural colors for everyday wear. I like to use a small, flat tipped brush to line my eyes with the brown and/or black shadows for a softer alternative to pencil eyeliners.

7. NYC Long Wearing nail polish in Preppy Pink
This shade of bright pink will have your talons all set for the spring and summer seasons. The color actually lasted longer than I thought it would. It didn't show signs of chipping for about 5 days! For under a buck it's a steal.

Cosmetic bag: from Forever 21 similar | Make-up: click title links

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    1. Me too!!! Funny enough though, the color that I use the most is the white since it also serves as a great highlighters around the eyes and more delicate parts of the face. I just nabbed a Lorac eye shadow palette and will let you know how it compares ;)


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