One of my dear friends just had a precious baby girl, so I wanted to put together a little something special for the new parents.

I ordered the above baby shoes and a headband from a local baby accessory start-up business and decided to make a DIY baby arrangement. I went to my local super store for the supplies: a straw basket, tissue paper, cellophane, ribbon and baby products.  

1. First, I placed the baby toiletries in the basket.

2. Next, I stuffed tissue paper in between the bottles to keep them from moving out of place.

3. After that, I arranged the shoes in front and slung the headband around the wipes.

4. Then, I wrapped the cellophane around the arrangement.

5. I secured the cellophane with a rubber band.

6. I trimmed the top edges of the cellophane.

7. I lastly tied a sash into a bow around the rubber band.

The shoes and headband are customizable and can be ordered by contacting Sonia Velazquez at (630) 788-8685.

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