Here is a step-by-step description of how I gave myself a reverse black and white French manicure.

1. Swipe on a layer of base coat over your nails.
2. Polish entire nail with a layer of white polish.
3. Use nail stickers or cut thin strips of tape. (I prefer the nail stickers because they come pre-cut and are a little easier to remove without ruining the manicure.)
4. After the white polish is fully dry, position the nail sticker (or tape) and press on firmly.
5. Apply a layer of black polish from the sticker (or tape) to the tip of the nail.
6. When the polish has dried, remove the sticker (or tape).
7. To set the design, finish up with a layer of clear polish over the entire nail.

Rings: Forever 21 | Nail polish: local drugstore

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