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Trunk Club has been giving the gents lotsa love since 2009 in the form of customized menswear and personal styling. No matter your location, Trunk Club personal stylists get the job DONE! They offer styling services tailored to each customer based on their size, style, brand faves and lifestyle.

Trunk Club has expanded its services to women and I needed to try 'em out for myself.
Desde el 2009, Trunk Club se ha encargado de cuidar de los hombres a través de ofrecer ropa a medida y servicios de personal shopper. Da igual dónde vives, las estilistas de Trunk Club te pueden ayudar. Cada experiencia se ajuste a su talla, estilo, marcas favoritas y estilo de vida.

Trunk Club ha expandido sus servicios a mujeres y tuve que probarlo por mí misma. 

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325 W. Ohio Street, Chicago, IL 60654

EN Trunk Club has clubhouses where you can have fittings and in-person meetings with stylists in Chicago, L.A., New York, Washington D.C. and Dallas.

I had the pleasure of meeting my stylist, Monica Soliz, at the Chicago clubhouse to talk style. She asked me about my favorite trends, my preferred fit and current wishlist. Within the week, my personalized trunk arrived!
ES Trunk Club tiene localidades dónde puedes ir para alteraciones y citas con estilistas en Chicago, Los Ángeles, Nueva York, Washington D.C. y Dallas.

Tuve el pacer de conocer a mi estilista, Monica Soliz, en el espacio de Chicago para hablar estilo. Me preguntó sobre mis tendencias favoritas, cómo prefiero llevar la ropa y las prendas "It" para la temporada. ¡Dentro de esa misma semana, llegó mi baúl!

As soon as it arrived, I tore open the box and dug in to see my stylist's picks from Nordstrom. All I have to say is that she done good, REAL good. Tan pronto que llegó, rompí la caja para probar lo que eligió mi estilista de Nordstrom. Lo único que tengo que decir es que pilló mi estilo y hizo un trabajo excepcional.


After my mini modeling session, I kept what worked and sent back what didn't free of charge. Después de mi sesión de modelaje, me quedé con lo que me gustó y devolví lo que no sin ningún gasto.

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  1. Monica is my stylist as well, Trunk Club is one of the best things that has happened to me! Seriously, I look fly and she does all of the work!

    1. She really is amazing! She went way out of her way to connect with me and understand my style. The whole Trunk Club service feels so luxe. Love her and can't say enough great things about my experience.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing about your experience!


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