One of my best friends lives in the Back of the Yards neighborhood and mentioned this cool mural off of 47th street. While en route to get tacos and spicy mango margaritas, I had to stop and snap a few pictures with the realistic-looking female astronaut and the myriad of colorful eyes. 

The vivid colors bring so much life to the drab winter and I got curious about the artists and the message behind the art.

Although I couldn't find much about the meaning behind the mural, I did find the names of the artists. They're a husband-wife duo (Manuel "MATR" Macias and Brenda "KOZMO" Lopez) that have left their artistic mark all over the city.

I suppose that interpreting art is just one of its wonders...

I love that the astronaut is a woman. She's beautiful AND smart! That rendition is powerful, especially given where it stands. I mean, in the few minutes that it took to snap these pics, both my photographer and I received a number of catcalls from the men that came in and out of the corner liquor store.

Going back to the image. I initially thought that the eyes were aliens curiously looking at the astronaut. Could that be what the artists wanted to transmit? I suppose my guess is as good as any other. What do you guys think?

Dress: Akira | Boots: similar similar | Bag: similar similar | Socks: similar similar 

Photos taken by Erika GutiƩrrez

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  1. I absolutely adore this print and must make my way to this mural. Thanks for the tip and an awesome interview!


    1. Hey babe, yes it's a must! I loved the post and tried replying, but couldn't seem to get it to post :( Thanks again for the feature and hoping to run into you soon to give you a big hug!



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