It's been a busy year for us all, but I hope that your full schedules allowed for time to spend the holidays with loved ones. I'm opening my home to show you how we decorated for the season.

It took waaay too long to trim this Christmas tree, so it'll be up for a few more weeks if I have my way.

Little holiday trinkets were strategically set around the house to add some holiday cheer to every nook and cranny.

The stairs were decorated with garland, lights and bows to greet guests upon entering.

Now that you've gotten a peek into my casa, let me show you my NYE look. New Years Eve is all about fun, flirty and sparkly. I thought we'd be under a foot of snow by now, so I went with an outfit that would be warmer than a short bodycon dress. This glittery jumpsuit caught my eye during my last visit to Zara.

Since I'm a little busty, the top doesn't quite cover up my lady lumps so I layered a fitted shirt underneath to avoid accidentally flashing any NYE partygoers. 

The gold clutch adds an extra touch of P-A-R-T-Y!

Copy the look:

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  1. Cute photos and chic outfit :)

    Maria V.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Maria! I appreciate the blog love Xoxo

  2. I absolutely love your NYE look! That sequin jumpsuit is gorgeous...I love the lenght, culottes are so in right gold is always a good choice. You look remarkably stylish and beautiful....and very fashion forward.

    Happy holidays!!!!!!!!!

    1. Aww, you're the sweetest. Glad that you like the outfit!

      Hope you have a HAPPY New Year babe <3

  3. wow!
    happy holidays!!!! =)

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