All fashion lovers have something black in their closet. Black is ultra chic, easy to wear and never goes out of style. Despite all of that, there's ONE thing that NEVER looks good with black: dandruff!

I've gotta be 100% real with you all. I have dandruff. (Insert embarrassed face emoji here.) It's not pretty, it's not something that I necessarily feel comfortable talking about, but it's there and there's no hiding it when I'm wearing black. I have dry skin and occasional psoriasis flair ups, so dandruff unfortunately happens. 

Autumn and winter are especially brutal on my scalp. I've tried topical ointments, sleeping with oils on my scalp, hydrating scalp masks and dandruff shampoos. None of it has helped. 

On my last visit to Aveda, I was offered a scalp evaluation. My initial reaction was aww hellz nah! I was mortified at the idea of someone other than my dermatologist examining my scalp and seeing all of the flakes. After being reassured that the eval would help pinpoint issues and lead me to correcting products, I agreed to it.

Ladies and gents, the photos of my scalp were a little scary, but they were telling of not only my scalp health but also my hair follicle density and thickness.

After getting the eval results, I was directed to a few products that would help alleviate my flaky scalp and protect my hair from heat damage: Scalp Benefits™ balancing shampoo, Scalp Benefits™ balancing conditioner, Scalp Remedy™ dandruff solution and Brilliant™ Damage control™.  

After my Scalp to Soul eval, I was treated to a relaxing shoulder massage and then a quick facial. Gawd, I really love my visits to Aveda. They're next-level relaxing!

After a week of using the recommended products, I am noticing a change. Although there are a few stray flakes, my scalp (and black tops) are looking waaay better!

Shampoo: c/o Aveda | Conditioner: c/o Aveda | Dandruff solution: c/o Aveda | Damage control spray: c/o Aveda

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