It's been a super busy month and I haven't been able to volunteer in any breast cancer walks. Despite that, I wanted to be in solidarity with all of those amazing Breast Cancer Awareness Month efforts. 

Like so many other families out there, my family has been touched by breast cancer. My grandma won her battle years ago, but I know so many others who have felt the heartbreak of losing moms, sisters, aunts and best friends. I wanted to remember all of those special women by dedicating today's post to them.

Instead of a pink ribbon, I kept my look casual and wore as much pink as possible in the form of slippers, matte lip cream and a pashmina.

Sleeveless coat: River Island | Clutch: Asos | Jeans: DSTLD Jeans | Slippers: similar | Shirt: Levi's | Lip cream: NYX

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