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ESCADA fashion director, Daniel Wingate, was recently at Chicago's ESCADA boutique on Oak Street. This Florida native boasts a successful fashion career that started at Parsons before going to work with the likes of J. Crew, Jeffrey Bean, Marco Polo, and Hugo Boss. During his Chicago visit, I couldn't resist the urge to ask this fashion expert a few questions about the German brand and some of his fashion musings.

DV: For those who are not familiar with ESCADA, what is characteristic of the brand?
DW: Color, cut, and dynamic collections that make women feel beautiful!

DV: Who is the ESCADA woman?
DW: Daring! Dynamic and well-dressed dressed!

DV: How does the SS 2016 collection compare to past collections?
DW: SS 2016 is a bit cleaner and tailored with an ease. Plus, the big difference is the celebration of the heritage of the ESCADA brand in prints and styles.

DV: In your years with ESCADA, what has been your favorite collection and why?
DW: I don’t have a favorite collection…I always seem to fall in love with the last while I am still flirting with the next.

DV: What serves as inspiration to you during the design process?
DW: Different things – but mainly travel takes me to new inspirations.

DV: What are some of the features that you try to highlight or capture with your designs?
DW: I love beautiful fabrics, prints, and as I grew up in Florida, I love color. At ESCADA I always try to look at the history of this amazing brand and twist the past into the future.

DV: Has working with the ESCADA team affected how you design? If so, in what way?
DW: Sure – like working with any team one has to listen, have patience, and know how to edit.

DV: What is your favorite fashion decade and why?
DW: Probably the 1920s – everything seemed so effortless but chic for both the women and men.

DV: When you're busy working in Germany, what do you miss most about the U.S.?
DW: My family.

DV: How would you describe the differences between American and European fashion?
DW: European fashion is based more on craft, workmanship, and has a lot more history…from couture to Savile Row. American fashion has a sportswear edge that is modern and youthful, like America itself!

Some looks from ESCADA's 2016 Spring-Summer collection

DV: What is something that you would like readers to know about you?
DW: That Chicago is one of my favorite cities!

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