Do you remember the Gossip Girl episode where Blair Waldorf screams, "tights are NOT pants"? Well, as much as I love her, I  broke one of her cardinal rules today. #sorryNOTsorry

I think what Blair was saying was that leggings shouldn't be worn like pants (outside of the gym or dance studio), and I agree. If they are transparent, don't have pockets or have a fly, I won't wear them without a long top or sweater to cover my bum.

I'm all about proportions. If I wear body-hugging bottoms, ie. leggings, I like to balance the top with a looser or oversized top. 

For today's look, I wore my Wolford leggings with a long blouse and a long, sleeveless coat. My bum was covered, I was comfy AND I was on-trend for the season with great Fall accessories.

My leggings and I went to the Paramount Theatre in Aurora for dollar movie night for Classic Movie Mondays!

For those of you who don't know the Paramount Theatre in Aurora. It opened in 1931 and was designed by Rapp and Rapp in the Art Deco style with Venetian elements. Over the years, it has hosted films, plays, musicals, concerts and comedy shows among other acts.

Leggings c/o: Wolford | Sleeveless Coat: River Island | Blouse: Elliat (sold out) similar | Bag: Zara | Hat: similar | Booties: similar

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