For a night of dinner and drinks, what's a gal to wear? Whenever you find yourself in doubt, think cocktail wear. (It consists of look that stands somewhere between casual and glamazon.) The great thing about it is that it lends itself to a variety of different looks. I love how any woman can wear it her own way to best suit her figure and style. Some of my friends and family show us how they style their own cocktail look.

Some of the ladies opted for flirty dresses in different shaped silhouettes (with different collar and sleeve styles).

One of the great things about shorter hemlines, is putting those gams on display in a pair of killer heels. Who says dresses are required?! A printed skirt paired with a delicate blouse or simple top is equally chic.

Summertime is the perfect time to whip out those maxi dresses and skirts. Nothing is more romantic than a long skirt that billows in the breeze of a warm summer night.

Full on pants or shorts, rompers are great alternative to dresses. Pair 'em with a great pair of heels and accessories to make any statement from elegant to sexy.

These ladies prove that you can never go wrong with a classic shift dress.

Romper, short A-line dress, figure-hugging dress, long and flowy maxi, patterned or solid frock. Whatever your style, rock it with confidence and some great accessories to look as fabulous as these gals.

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