Every birthday girl needs an outfit than makes her feel special. I'm a Leo and it was a milestone birthday, so I wanted to look fierce. 

Odyssey Chicago cruises surprised me with an extra special b-day celebration (click here for the deets), so I wanted to arrive in style. 

I wanted a look that was sexy but also sophisticated. Finding harmony between the two can be challenging if you don't want to go over budget. I tried on tons of sexy dresses within budget, but was let down by the quality of the material (i.e. super flimsy and/or practically transparent) or ill-fitting cuts. Rent the Runway was on my radar but turned out to be a bit of a let down. The dresses that I wanted to rent were not available when I needed them and then when I chose a Plan-B dress, my birthday discount code wasn't valid for my choice. As the birthday girl, I felt entitled to "have it my way" and sought out greener pastures.

After hours of window shopping and on-line browsing, I found a show stopping Millie Mackintosh maxi skirt via Asos that DID allow me to cash in on promised birthday discounts. The rest of the outfit fell into place soon afterwards.

Nothing says drama quite like a maxi skirt with a thigh high slit. We Leos can't help from wanting to be the center of attention from time to time - eeps, it's one of our big flaws. 

Skirt: Asos | Heels: Zara similar | Necklace: J. Crew | Clutch: Kate Spade | Top: Asos

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