I might be a girly girl, but don't let my pink manicure fool you, I'm a tough cookie. To maintain that tough girl "street cred," I like to take on a challenges every now and again. This time around I signed up to be on Team St. Ives for the Chicago Mudderella

When I saw the dreary weather forecast for the run date, I started to worry. The thought of trudging in 5 miles of mud and cold rain had me double guessing myself (and my abilities), but then I stepped back to think about the bigger picture. I would be joining other women who would all be contributing to a great cause, and that was all the motivation that I needed to press forward. Mudderella proceeds go to Futures Without Violence, a U.S. non-profit organization focused on ending domestic and sexual violence.

The day my race t-shirt came in the mail so did my team's motto: "Get Dirty. Defy Dullness. Live Radiantly." 

With domestic violence statistics and my team's motto in mind, I laced up my sneakers and set off on my first Mudderella run.

With determination, we set off from start line. 

Once we had gotten the hang of keeping our balance in the slippery mud, the obstacles appeared tauntingly. Tough as they were, they were no match for the strength and teamwork of all of us women who conquered them one-by-one.

I'm not going to lie and say that the race was easy, but I will say that it was an unforgettable experience. I faced the challenge head on and, with the help of team St. Ives, defied dullness by contributing to an important cause. Not only did all of us participants raise awareness, we all proved what we're capable of when we put our mind to it. That right there is some first-hand girl power!

After crossing the finish line, I felt empowered but filthy. My girly girl side reappeared and desperately needed to wash away the layers of smelly mud. Thank goodness there was hot water waiting for us at the St. Ives Rinse Station

The hot shower and rich Oatmeal & Shea Butter body wash lather were reviving, while the trusty Apricot face scrub banished any trace of mud. The continuous spray of the Fresh Hydration lotion made moisturizing a snap as I ducked out of the rain. Thank goodness it also smells of fragrant orchid and sweet coconut because I forgot to pack my perfume! 

Come on gals, let's #LiveRadiantly. 
If I can do it, so can you!

Shower gel: St. Ives | Facial scrub: St. Ives | Body lotion: St. Ives

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Disclaimer: This is a #LiveRadiantly sponsored post but all comments are my own.

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