I went to the #StartBetter event yesterday at Chicago's Water Tower Macy's to get some fashion, beauty and health tips to share with all of you. 

While there, I saw Clinique beauty experts sharing make-up tips and offering mini facials to jump start women's beauty routines.

My question was, "How can my readers and I start a routine that will lead us to our best selves?" I drilled stylists and beauty experts with the question and they all provided the same answer: "starting better starts with YOU."

Huh?! Um...NOT the answer that I was expecting.

There is no cookie cutter 12-step plan for me OR you. My "best self" is entirely different from the next person's idea of what that means. That realization got me to thinking about my own set of personal goals. The past two years have been really challenging for me. I've seen more downs than ups, so I felt it might be good for me to be 100% honest about where I want to be in the next year. Maybe sharing will be somewhat inspiring to others? Maybe it will help me stay on track? Maybe I just watched Reese Witherspoon in Wild and am feeling ready to set off on my own trail of self improvement?

Here's my list:
• Exercise more! (I don't need to be buff, just in better shape.)
• Find my way back to my spirit animal city, Madrid.
• Spend more time with my lovely friends.
• Get a better grip on my finance$.
• Get my career back on track.
• Explore new recipe ideas.
 • Manage stress better.

Phew! That's a heck of a list. 

While I work at achieving my list, I've partnered with Clinique to help motivate you to #StartBetter. I'm giving away some of my favorite Clinique beauty products to one lucky winner.  

What are your #StartBetter goals?

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  1. Be as healthy as I can with exercise, drink lots of water, eat good food and enjoy life.


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