Once upon a time I took sewing classes...I actually come from a family of bridal seamstresses. Although you would never guess any of that, seeing as I don't even remember how to properly string the thread through a sewing machine. Low (to non-existent) sewing level aside, I knew that this sewing table had to be my next DIY project.

I picked up this beaut from my hometown Goodwill for $2.99! 

All this table needed was a little TLC and paint. 

Before I could paint, I sanded the table. Good ol' sandpaper works just fine too if you don't have a sander at your disposal. (And yes, I do wear pearls while sanding!) I applied a few coats of white semi-gloss paint and presto, the table looked as good as new.

But no sewing table is complete without a sewing machine. Lucky for me, I also found a gently used machine at the Goodwill for $9.99.

The total cost of this DIY project: $23.98

Sewing table: $2.99
Sewing machine:  $9.99
Sand paper: $3.00
Paint: $8.00

Now all that's left to do is enroll in another sewing class and ACTUALLY learn how to sew.

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