As a kid, I dreaded my visits to the optometrist because I knew that I'd be going home with a higher prescription, i.e. thicker lens and increased teasing. I'm so happy that wearing glasses has become trendy and cool. It encourages all those near and far-sighted honeys to keep rocking their eyewear and stop straining their vision.

To promote the eyewear trend, I picked up this T-shirt...

...and paired it with some FUN pieces!

Today's look is all about polishing a T-shirt. Since the top is cropped, I paired it with a high-waisted pencil skirt.

To keep the look casual, I topped the look off with a denim jacket.

Although I love the print of the tee, I left the best for, I mean the back. A zipper that runs the length of the skirt and a messy upside down French braid bun!

This prismatic gunmetal clutch from Mary Kay ties the whole look together.

Click here to read this entry in Spanish.

Disclaimer: The blog received the clutch for review, but the comments and opinions are my own.

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