This month's Throw Back Thursday #tbt is dedicated to the small coastal town of Calpe, in eastern Spain. Calpe, which is officially known as Calp, is located in the Valencian community of Alicante and is most commonly known for it's Roman ruins and natural park Penyal d'Ifac (pictured above).  

The view from our balcony
Before returning Stateside, this was my regular summer retreat from the city.

Most of my summer days there consisted of sunbathing, shoreline hikes and deliciously heavy Spanish lunches. 

I should mention that the setting sun doesn't mark the end of the day in Calp, au contraire, it's when the party is just getting started. There are always a number of summertime events, concerts and festivals to keep visitors busy until the wee hours.

The month of August marks different town festivals which are celebrated with food, drink, music and encierros de toros. An encierro is an event where bulls run around in a fenced off area and spectators watch as other run out of its way.

There are lots of bars to choose from, but my favorite is the MNKN Pub. They have the best service and mojitos in town.

My dear friends and I never missed a waffle date at Coco's
 If the humidity runs you out of the kitchen, there are a number of different restaurants and eateries to grab a bite (or sweet treat).

Club Penelope in Benidorm
Although there are not many clubs in Calp, there are many other beach towns nearby more known for their nightlife. Some to mention are Benidorm, Gandía and Denia.

Some of my fondest Spanish memories were created in Calp. Among its sun-drenched landscapes and salty air, I found friendship, fell in love and felt blissful happiness. Here's to remembering all those places and faces that bring us most joy.

As the locals say, "Calpe Diem."

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  1. ahhh Spain beaches! and even better...Spain lunches + beaches ...and then ending up at the beach after a night out :).. I've never been to Calp, but it's on the list now!

    1. You won't regret the trip. I recommend going in August when the town is at its height of summer beach buzz. Calpe Diem lady! <3


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