I am not the greenest person on the planet, but I sure do my best to recycle or reuse work and household items as often as possible. After a few weeks of collecting glass water bottles, I decided to put them to use by turning them into small vases

For this Do It Yourself (DIY) project, all you need is high gloss spray paint, glass bottles and some old newspaper.

1.    2. 

1. Peel any stickers or labels off of the bottles and remove lids.

2. Set bottles on a flat surface and spray the entire bottle evenly. (I sprayed the bottoms first and then allowed a few moments before setting them down to paint the rest of the bottle.)

3. Allow time for the paint to fully dry.

4. Fill with fresh water* and insert flowers!

5. *TIP: I like to add half a crushed aspirin or some Sprite to the water to add to the longevity of fresh flowers.

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