I just tried out BA Star's new eye shadow in the natural palette. This make-up is a high performance make-up meant to last through important events. For $8.75, I figured that I would try it out.

To add some oomph while keeping the color palette natural, I used the cream and brown tones. I love how brown eye shadows add warmth to my face while contrasting the color of my eyes. 

1. I started with a freshly cleaned and moisturized, blank canvas.

2. First, I applied the shimmery cream color in the inner eye crease and over my eyelid. Then, I swiped  on some of the lighter brown shadow to the outside corners of the eye.

3. To add a little dimension, I added the dark brown shade to the outer crease.

4. For some extra drama, I lined my eyes with a liquid eye liner and applied two coats of mascara.

I don't usually work colored eye shadow into my make-up routine, but I thought that this purple hue would add a fun pop of color to a conservative or dark-colored outfit.

The eye shadow comes with a primer, which really seemed to help keep the make-up looking fresh and keep it in its place.

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