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"Those shoes are to die for." Who hasn't said that before while gushing over a coveted pair of heels or the the latest trend? I know I have, but maybe it's something that shouldn't be thrown around as carelessly.

With the recent passing of fashion designer, L'Wren Scott, I've been seriously reflecting on the high price of fashion. It's easy to get caught up in the glitz and glamour, but there is always two sides to everything and fashion is not devoid of an ugly underbelly.

If you haven't yet read the recent news headlines, L'Wren Scott - noted designer, celebrity stylist and former model - was found dead on Monday morning in her NYC apartment by her assistant. The medical examiner's office later confirmed the death as a suicide.

One sees a beautiful and successful person like that and can't help but wonder about the driving factors behind the self-inflicted violence. And then speculation starts to bounce off the walls and onto newspapers. Sure, it had to be devastating to have to cancel February's Fall 2014 show, but enough to take your own life? The Associated Press reported that Scott's company, LS Fashion Ltd. in London, was crumbling under liability issues that exceeded assets by $6.9 million as of December 31, 2012. And what many didn't know was that Scott had recently split up with longtime boyfriend, Mick Jagger and was also expected to announce the news of the business's closing on Wednesday. That's a lot of stress and sadness.

When an entire lifetime and identity become so entangled in a career that appears to be nearing its end, it becomes a little easier to understand her despair.

Let's talk more about some of that pressure. I'm not a designer, but it's no secret that fashion is a BIG business. And big business as it is, there is a feverish demand from all sides to meet high expectations and tight deadlines - especially in these trying economic times and in the midst of fast fashion trends.

Tragic. That's all that can really be said in times like these. She is not the first loss to the fashion world and with a heavy heart, I imagine that she won't be the last but let's remember today all of the artists who have touched our hearts and inspired our dreams.

Some fashion icons who left too soon:

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Let us also recognize the hard work of today's fashion professionals. It's a tough industry to work in and they deserve respect for all that they do (and all of the harsh criticism they swallow), so let's be a little more mindful of our tongues and more sensitive to their struggles.


  1. It's a sad story, I agree.The fashion as an industry might look fabulous and glamorous on the outside, but there is a whole different side of it.

    Lu ❤

    1. There's tons of pressure to be innovative and fresh every season, but fast fashion moguls like Zara are making that process even shorter. Not only are there Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer seasons to fret over, now there are also resort collections and pre-Fall lines to keep up with. I absolutely admire what they do, but I sure don't envy those designers.

      Thanks for checking out today's post and sharing your thoughts!

      Sending ENORMOUS hugs,

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