The 1920s marked some dramatic social and political changes, including prohibition and jazz music. And with the U.S. economy enjoying remarkable rises that doubled between 1920-1929, there's no wonder that so much took place in such a short amount of time.

With that backdrop in mind, I move the subject of today's post to women and women's fashion. U.S. women were finally guaranteed the right to vote in 1920 via the 19th Amendment and consequently became more independent, joined the work force more readily and could afford to participate in a consumer society - think Ready to Wear (RTW) clothing or as the French say, prêt-à-porter.

After decades of wearing corseted Victorian styles, women were also starting to wear more relaxed fashions - as seen on flappers. Flappers were young women who were known to push societal norms by drinking, smoking, wearing tons of make-up and shortened hemlines. This shift was caused in large part to iconic fashion designer Gabrielle "Coco" Chanelwho popularized a more casual and less constricting silhouette.

One of my friends was inspired by the era and last year's The Great Gatsby film to host a 20s themed party for her birthday. A theme party is a great way to break up this winter drab and allow an outlet for some creativity. 

To channel her inner flapper, the birthday girl added some drama to her eye and lip palettes. Click here for more flapper-inspired make-up ideas. She also pinned her curled hair in true flapper style

Here are some other fashion moments from the event.

Even the boys dressed the part!

Friend and party attendee, Nicki Rand shared this photo of her outfit.

Photos courtesy of Heather Evans and Nicki Rand
The Roaring 20s are not only a great idea for a theme party, it can also be a great starting point for Carnaval costumes!

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