Poulaines and Winklepickers. Heard of them before?

Poulaines are shoes characterized by a long pointed toe that were worn by French nobility in medieval times. Unlike 10th century Chinese foot binding, they did not cause any long-term physical deformation but they sure did wreak havoc on the battlefield where they were imitated in armour. (Imagine trying to run swiftly out of harm’s way while wearing the footwear pictured below.) 

Source: medievaldesign.com
In the 1950s those poulaines evolved into winklepickers, a style of shoe or boot worn by both men and women, some of which being British rock-and-rollers (like The Beatles) and Teddy girls.

Today pointed toe heels are everywhere you look and it’s likely because the pointed toe creates an illusion of length, giving the appearance of a longer and slimmer figure. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love that? I admit that they are not the most comfortable shoes, so my tip to lasting in a pair is to buy them a half size bigger and slip in some gel inserts.

These heels are super versatile

They can put a flirty spin on a LBD for date night. I'd opt for a nude pair to put those gams on full display and secure future romantic rendezvous.
For a casual outing I would pair them with slouchy boyfriend jeans and a tousled do for an effortless-looking outfit with an unexpected hint of chic.

Classic black or fun colored pointy pumps, depending on work place dress code, are perfect for the office when worn with polished pieces.

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